Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Joe Gomez Behave well in FIFA 16

Fifa 16 is a widely popular, annually released game created by EA and adored by football fans around the world, Liverpool player grows into an incredible asset in this years version of the game?

If you're a Liverpool fan who plays Fifa 16, you probably already have a career mode going, but if your main focus is ultimate team you might not be all that familiar with the outstanding Joe Gomez.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want. In the games career mode, Gomez starts out as a lowly 68 rated left-back, however I promise you he becomes amazing!

Going off statistics and numbers, his current potential in game is 80, meaning he can grow 12 overall ratings through training and general use of the player. What's best about Gomez in game his how good he feels when he finally grows. Even when he reaches around 75 rated (which he did in just one season of my career mode) he feels incredible to use. His speed allows him to dash up the wing and provide overlapping runs if you play a central formation, and his defending improves so quickly he goes from being a liability to an asset.

He is capable of playing LB, CB and RB, so training Joe Gomez from the start of your career mode will give you the perfect defensive player to fill any gaps and allow rotation between big games. He's quick, tall and good in the air, making Gomez a perfect defender to utilise no matter what. If you get rid of this player, you're missing out!

If you don't feel like ‘wasting' a training spot on the nglish youngster, you could even use the loan system within the game to allow him to grow away from your club, and then recall him when he becomes a high enough rating to perform well. Gomez is also an incredible signing if you start as a manager of a lower league club, as he'll grow very fast.Buy fifa 16 coins and build the best team to challenge players around the world.

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