Monday, 25 January 2016

the Different between Arsene Wenger and Mourinho

Anoop Ramakrishnan has written a thoughtful answer here. I like it. But it is an answer to a different question something like:"Has Arsene Wenger personally dismantled what should have been a fantastic legacy in the last decade at Arsenal?"

That is a book all in itself best summarised as: Without constant innovation, ten years after genius announces itself it becomes merely mediocre.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

The difference between Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, his great rival, is that the Scot found ways to constantly reinvent himself and his teams on and off the field, whereas Wenger has not as Anoop Ramakrishnan points out. Anoop references Wenger's oburate adherence to the increasingly outdated ideas that initially made his name - training players 'like marines', finding cheap and hidden gems in the transfer market, winning games idealistically through a philosophy based on beautiful football and the domination of possession.

With reference to the original question Mourinho probably has largely destroyed Wenger's career and legacy. He has done this by consistently undermining Wenger in public and also by successfully demonstrating that 'doing the opposite' in football terms was an approach better suited to the pressures of football since 2004.

So, in contrast, Mourinho talked up a next level sports science approach focussing on rest as the basis of preventing injuries. He has reveled in demonstrating a common touch with players that doesn't appear to come easy for Wenger. Mourinho's well funded clubs have all eschewed the pursuit of players others hadn't uncovered also and they've all simply paid what has needed to be paid to succeed in the transfer market. Lastly by winning games pragmatically, and often quite cynically, through football based on transitions and controlling space when without possession, Mourinho in large part lived up to his Special One billing.

By positioning himself as Wenger's alter ego, almost, Mourinho was able to chip away at Wenger's sacred cows. This reached its apotheosis as Mourinho pronounced Wenger to be 'a specialist in failure'.

Now, I am not convinced that there is much substance to much of Mourinho's criticism, or indeed a lot to his emperor's new clothes football either. However, I do think that at a public relations level Mourinho has largely succeeded in both framing the press debate on Wenger and also in picking apart what was once an unimpeachable CV.

The irony is of course, that in the process things have come full circle. Mourinho now finds himself embracing mediocrity a little over a decade after pronouncing his own genius as 'a special one'.

Given the way Mourinho has conducted himself, there won't be many people in football queuing up to be kind to Mourinho when the inevitable rot fatally sets in. You might say that due to his antics trying to fatally undermine his rival Wenger Mourinho has sown the seeds of his own demise.

You need friends on the way down to mitigate against the coming bumpy landing. Wenger can count on plenty of friends both within the game - and within the media. As for Mourinho, I am struggling to name one notable person who would obviously jump to his defence. The reality is that no-one really likes a smart-arse, especially a smart-arse who uses his powers and his talent so cynically. Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength.Short term fans treasure results above all else but long term legacies, and genuine fondness, are built upon how you played the game.

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