Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mesut Özil Will Create More Chances when Sanchez is Back

Mesut Özil has been magical this season. He has created a huge number of chances while only 16 have been converted so far. That is down to Giroud and Walcott’s mediocre finishing.You can get fifa coins for sale here to improve your skill.With Alexis back, Özil will continue creating chance after chance but now, the possibility of conversion will increase. Alexis is that kind of a player who turns a half chance into a full chance.
Therefore, when he is back, I think they will link up well. We saw how our attack caused havoc to United’s defense. Expect more of that. Alexis, the fighter he is, will make Özil even better. With Welbeck and Wilshere also close to return, Arsenal surely have something to look forward to.
Addition of talented players always boosts the team.Sanchez being pacy and Strong will be of more use to Ozil as Ozil was developed around pacy players(Real Madrid).So,i think Ozil’s game will become more improved after Sanchez.
Sanchez is a key man in the Arsenal squad and his work rate and brilliant goals are dearly missed. Ozil has been the shining light for Arsenal. With the amount of injuries to first team players, Ozil along with Giroud has done well so far.
Arsenal can rely on their partnership and when Sanchez returns you can expect more goals. Ozil’s form is red hot and with Sanchez burning desire to score goals and to make runs behind the defenders , there will be goals between them.
Campbell can continue to play at the right wing and he too is creating chances and along with Ozil he can play a crucial role for assisting the forwards.Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. Sanchez is a killer cannot wait to see him in action.

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