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The Prince of San Siro-Kaká

I can not figure out what a beard meant for men, from the surface of said single, bearded means mature or intelligent, if talking about inner turmoil, I can only glimpse from Kaká in the eyes of two.
January 6, 2014, in Atlanta. Kaká scored two goals in the game, and the first goal,Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want. it was his first AC Milan scored 100 goals.
I have a friend, Kaká at the San Siro from 2003 Blair, she fell in love with him. I’m not a very good memory of people, but in retrospect, I still remember the way she talked about Kaká when, it’s like talking about the world’s most delicious ice cream, the tone is full of sweetness and longing. I remember when she talked about Kaká corner in the school buildings, the sun reflected in her face looks, but also remember when Kaká at the San Siro rattling, laughing like a sunny look.
I have a friend, a diehard AC Milan fans. When we talk about the ball, no matter who is talking about his concluding remarks would be:. “In short, as Kaká” Kaká is wound Missing football idol and strength to send two, we are not convinced except Taekwondo indeed there is no reason to refute. Kaká, we have these chat balls apart, reading college. Asked again, he only said: “In Kaká’s style of play, the peak has passed, sell well.” I do not know that he is angry, or a prophecy.
Time pass a decade, shy girl had married a man woman. When you see Kaká on the pitch running back, a moment , you would think everything has not changed.
But you can not overlook the fact that when the card holding member 100 that indicate to the world shirts, you’ll realize that the time has been too long. Once upon a time, Kaká’s eyes with a murderous sun, unassuming character could not hide domineering but myself. And now, Kaká eyes more vicissitudes and pathos.
“In the former teammates, I miss the most Kaká, both from the perspective of the players or a friend or is it a man’s point of view, I miss him very much, he is also one of the strongest players.” – Inzaghi
Say this, Jiuye already retired, while Real Madrid Kaká is still sinking. Compared with Kaká alongside Jiuye day, Kaká and Milan are caught in a struggle situation. Jiuye miss Milan’s Kaká, Kaká will miss Milan’s Kaká, and we do it not.
The summer of 2003, a young man from Sao Paulo, Brazil move to AC Milan. While Kaká has been a minor celebrity, but for most fans, the Brazilian player gives the first impression of just “looks very well.” Compared to the outbreak of Kaká’s name now before landing in Europe on younger Neymar over the world, the arrival of Kaká’s too low-key, but used to see the star of Milan fans, he did not hold out much to look forward to, at least, they do not think come so soon. Maybe life is always so disappointed in anticipation, inadvertently surprise.
He is the Prince of San Siro, cheers and praise forever around him
Soon, Milan’s Kaká gradually become the main players, followed by heart attack. In the first season, Kaká was named the best player in Serie A and the best foreign aid.
Serie influence wound is still one of the best worldwide, Kaká with superior skills and the sun became a football shape budding idol. Tabloid reporter excitedly digging this young man’s private life, did not expect the result took Kaká got more praise. We all know that the Brazilian players are renowned for their excellent talent and optimistic personality attracted many fans, but their lack of self-discipline chaotic private life and always a headache, but Kaká is a special presence. In this way, Kaká and field performance under field style made him a set of thousands of pet in one idol, but for Kaká, it is people like is happy, but the most important thing is to win the game. Fame did not affect Kaká, with maturity, he increasingly invincible on the pitch.
Maybe along the way too well, how much God should give Kaká a little bitterness. 2005 Champions League final, all fans an unforgettable night in Istanbul, the champion left Milan on the right. Whenever look back on this past, Kaká did not disable the “nightmare” to describe. Fortunately, Kaká was still young, there is enough time to dream.
In 2007, although compared with the peak period Milan have appeared in the case of aging players, but there is Kaká, it seems that everything is not a problem, it is also the year, Kaká magical performance to conquer in the Champions League too fan. In the Champions League semi-final, Kaká led AC Milan against Manchester United. Dream Theater’s career, Kaká scored twice to become one of the most classic moments, return to San Siro, AC Milan again beat his opponent 3-0, it was a rainy, cold through the still significantly younger Rooney and C Luo’s heart, and Kaká goal is to enjoy the victory and to the pouring.
That would be a year Kaká. 2007 Champions League final is a game about redemption and revenge, this time Kaká and his Rossoneri had the last laugh. In the same year, the World Club Cup, AC Milan to a 4-2 victory over Boca Juniors won the championship at the moment to freeze the scene, Kaká carefree smile.
Subsequently, AC Milan’s deficit is more severe, at Real Madrid’s passion for the pursuit, Kaká left the dream place to start, but then it is hard to think of Kaká at the Bernabeu could not set sail again.
“We are very good friends, talk about anything between us, I hope he can recover soon from the injury, because he really is a very good teammate in front of Real Madrid, Kaká and my relationship most closely. ”
Gemini were high hopes that a became king at the Bernabeu, the other only with injuries as partners.
The summer of 2009, has been the implementation of the policy of Real Madrid superstar has done a shock football event, they introduced AC Milan’s Kaká and Manchester United’s C Ronaldo, but before the two men is the two-time Golden Globe winner Unfortunately, the two men embark on a career at Real Madrid, but the two extremes.
Kaká’s first season at Real Madrid spent fairly stable. However, the “hoax hurt” event before the World Cup in South Africa, followed by the “conceal injuries” incident, as well as the decline of their own state, let Kaká at Real Madrid completely reduced to a marginal figure. This is a make Kaká fans the most sad time, but this time, actually lasted four years. From 27 years old to 31 years old, a professional player of the day was supposed to be the most brilliant, Kaká became gray memories.
“Kaká has always been my idol, I strive for the goal, and with him has always been my dream to play.”
Kaká return to the San Siro, and then look back suddenly a dream.I do not know what would the reaction heard the news during the period of support from Kaká Milan fans. To be ridicule, former flies well, we can rest assured. Maybe some have deep Ai Kaká fans the past four years, have not seen Kaká a ball again, maybe they occasionally say a few laugh Kaká piece, maybe they bothered to remember those beautiful days, because, best memories, touch more will sour. But to hear the news of Kaká return, even if they are hard mouth again, rational analysis Kaká’s return is very likely to fail, probably they secretly dug out pressure in the bottom of the shirt, worn look to their own 4 years change, think Kaká change.
After just a play for Milan, Kaká injured again, the critics see as prey, like the wolf, grab a hot letters. “Kaká is already 31 years old, he accumulated too many injuries, return is bound to be a tragedy.” “Brazil World Cup? No kidding.” “Kaká now faces enormous psychological pressure, he had not himself this off . “Even AC Milan themselves have admitted that they think the commercial value is greater than the value of the return of Kaká on the pitch. Give up salary during recuperate move, you can not stop people biting comment.
Perhaps the world is too harsh, so the fate doomed to arrange some inspirational stories staged. After the return from injury, although it can not return to peak Kaká, also given its due contribution. Status of AC Milan, we do not need to say, Kaká’s contribution is essential for this time of Milan. Prospects AC Milan, the current situation is still not clear, even if born Kaká miracle, nor the ravages of time enemy. However, Milan and Kaká to support the go, but also a way of life. If we say that Milan and Kaká had, like youth magnificent fairy tale, then Milan and Kaká again encounter, is like closer to the reality of fiction, a bit sad, but there are a warm fragments.
Kaká is a devout Christians, so he was very easy for me to think of a soul-stirring as his, to the Catholic background of the novel “Quo Vadis.” Maybe I can borrow the famous plot to write a book at the end of this essay,about the story of Kaká.Buyfut16coin can upgrade your strength.article-2663139-199A1DF000000578-21_634x423
You do not want to give up running, so you go again to Milan, for you and countless fans of the youth, the continuation of a more and more dull regret the outcome.

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